The EOH Code of Conduct provides all the information you need to ensure that you are familiar with our EOH values and that you act in accordance with those values at all times. The code applies to EOH and all its subsidiaries1 and provides practical guidelines as well as information on where to find assistance when you need it.

EOH is an entrepreneurial company with a strong commitment to be a responsible corporate citizen. EOH is also committed to be an ethical and relevant force for good and to play a positive role in society, beyond normal business practice.

To achieve this, ask the following questions:

Is this in line with our values?

Is this within the scope of my role or mandate?

Will I benefit personally at the expense of the company?

Will I try to hide my behaviour?

EOH commitment

EOH is committed to the highest standards of business integrity, ethics and professionalism. The Leadership, in setting the tone from the top, are committed to the principles of good governance, striving to be an ethical, relevant force for good and to play a positive role in society.

Ethical and

EOH define corporate governance as exercising ethical and effective leadership to direct and manage effective governance and standards of accountability and transparency within EOH.

Best practice

A best practice Governance Framework, aligned to King IVTM principles of governance and requirements of the Companies Act, drives the implementation of governance throughout EOH.

Purpose to create
and protect value

The process of value-creation and the embedded principles and standards within our Governance Framework are an essential part of realizing value. The purpose of the Framework is to provide an integrated approach to connect critical factors that affect EOH’s ability to create value for all stakeholders. Our Governance Framework exists to create and protect stakeholder value.




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