iOCO Solutions

Our purpose is to SOLVE, exponentially,
courageously and together.

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Our purpose is to solve, exponentially, courageously and together

Our client value proposition is framed around working with our clients on understanding their most complex business challenges, to assist them in framing their business transformation journey.

We deliver value with two goals in mind


Digital business transformation through the delivery of functional outcomes across the wide spectrum of industries and business processes covering IT & OT applications, and automation.


Managing and optimising the IT engine room with efficiency and operational excellence at the core of delivering technology platform transformation, through IT service automation and a journey to hybrid cloud computing.

Software Development

Building tomorrow’s platforms and business ecosystems.

We believe software delivers outstanding customer experiences, enhances your operational efficiencies and ultimately enhances your business.
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Managed Services

Moving your future to Anything-as-a-Service.

We believe that managed services drives digitisation and transformation, reduce the cost of complex ICT environments management, and protect your data and people, wherever they may be.
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Data & Analytics

Placing data at the centre of the digital revolution.

Data. A massive competitive edge. But where to begin? We assess how your data can add value, then we plan how you can ingest more, store more and contextualise more. Then we make it happen.
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Transforming organisations through automation.

Work more efficiently, remove highly repetitive tasks, eliminate human error and provide a superior service to your customers and employees. This, and more, is what iOCO’s Automation is set to do.
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Transforming organisations through automation.

The right cloud mix is what is needed to align your IT strategy to your business strategy.
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Enterprise Applications

Enabling the modern enterprise.

The fuel to drive your competitive edge lies within the extension of your ERP functionality and the integration of other applications, web services and edge technologies.
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Shut and lock the doors to prevent unauthorised access.  Because cyber threats are everyone’s reality.

Be ahead of the ever changing threat landscape and gain control of security expenses with iOCO.
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Compute & Platforms

Shut and lock the doors to prevent unauthorised access.  Because cyber threats are everyone’s reality.

Get set for digital transformation through improved compute resource efficiencies, next-generation infrastructure, data and apps. It’s all about Anything-as-a-Service (Xaas), in the cloud.
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Quality Assurance

Assuring your investments.

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As a systems integrator, our strategy as iOCO will be driven by the integrated strength of our business units, for the benefit of our clients and partners.

Join us as we navigate your path to an exponential future. iOCO.

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